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Turbans and Exaggerated Sleeves.

I feel like everything I love most in this world is literally in this post! I’m totally obsessed with the colour yellow- I painted my room yellow just to make sure people know the love is deep and I literally made my mom paint one of the sitting rooms at my house yellow too (don’t […]

Omenka Gallery| So Fresh

Lagos on a Budget is a series I’m doing for the girls (and guys) that would love to explore Lagos! It’s pocket friendly! And it also doesn’t discriminate( honestly I’ll go anywhere). Follow my sister and I (and occasionally my friends) as we tour Lagos one joint at a time! Omenka gallery did not disappoint, […]


Today as I adorned my dad’s old(but evergreen) blue blazer and fake strutted to get my best in motion shot, I reached an epiphany-  it hit me just how much of a cycle life really is. It was almost ironic that I borrowed my dad’s old blazer for my very first post of 2018 and […]


Stepping out of my box in denim, chanelling Rihanna with my denim jacket, hoop earrings and scarf.

The Independent Woman.

The independent woman is fierce The flames that burn in her heart dance in her eyes. She is compassionate, Arms outstretched she lends her help. She is unapologetic, Shrewd in business and sound in mind, she refuses to play it down. She is strong, She carries the future of the nation for 9 months inside […]

The Fashion Story.

70s edge
80s chill
90s romance
The story of 50 years of fashion told through clothes at the ’50 Shades of design fashion show’ to celebrate Lagos at 50. Come and experience the event through my eyes.


Earth Fire Music; drums beating -slow, fast, slow, fast Bodies gyrating as if possessed by the spirit of whom they celebrate, their pants adding a new texture to the rhythm, they shine, their sweat gleaming on their skin as the light of the fire illuminates them. From the earth through the fire she’s being formed […]

GIRL CHAT: Games Men Play ???

Girlsss, we need to talk. During this past week it became very evident that men(or rather boys ??) like to play silly mind games. Like I don’t get it?? They put on this false act of bravado in public, but when you get to know them you can only wonder if they knocked their head […]


We often wonder, where happiness starts. The journey usually begins, in our individual hearts. All the fortunes in this world, shall not make our spirits sing. It’s amazing how much joy, a new dress seems to bring. Happiness is processed, a million times inside each mind. The secret is no secret, just be positive and […]


Hey guys! I recently rekindled my love for instagram within the past week and I finally get why people love it so much! everytime I scroll through my timeline I always see the prettiest clear shoes, I can’t say much, but I am in love! I really really wish I had them and lemme not […]